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So, for this section I’m going to study (what I think) is one of the pleasant bed toppers available.

Product Description visco elastic memory foam mattress

Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Reminiscence foam’s capacity to reduce strain factors is one of the reasons so many humans are using it to get the high-quality night time’s sleep. Now you may experience the benefits of memory foam while not having to buy a new bed with the aid of including this reminiscence foam bed topper to your current spring, latex or even memory foam bed. This topper will add comfort and growth the fine of sleep from your bed at once. 3 inches of four pound density reminiscence foam used in this topper is especially designed to decorate the texture of your present day bed and also presents additional support in areas where your mattress can be dipping or sagging. The froth is likewise specially formulated to contour to your body at any temperature and could come up with the extra consolation you want to get the nice night’s sleep viable out of your modern-day bed. Our toppers have also earned the PURGreen certification, because of this they’re synthetic, fabricated and packaged within the united statesA. Meeting all EPA and CSPC requirements being safe and unfastened from harmful chemical compounds. PURGreen uses independent laboratory outcomes to qualify products and make certain they are synthetic with out the use of ozone-depleting materials including Chlorofluorocarbons, Polybrominated Biphenyl Ether substances, harmful Metals, Formaldehyde, Prohibited Phthalates or some other hazardous substances. PURGreen additionally implements baseline necessities including holding water, electricity and other herbal assets within the production methods installed via internationally ordinary ISO standards and strategies. There may be a brand new foam scent associated with your new topper; however, this odor isn’t toxic or harmful passing all PURGreen, EPA and CSPC standards. MADE inside the united states.

Your memory foam bed topper has been compressed and vacuum sealed for delivery purposes. Please carefully unpack the reminiscence foam from the sealed packaging and lay absolutely flat permitting your topper to absolutely decompress for as much as ninety six hours at seventy two tiers in cold climate. In heat weather the topper will extend unexpectedly; however, it’s going to want time to “cool” all the way down to an ambient room temperature of 72 ranges. Your reminiscence foam topper is temperature sensitive and that is why it wishes to attain an ambient temperature of about 72 levels. U.S. Made foam does not include any toxic substances like formaldehyde or PBDE, polybrominateddiphenylether, however it may have new foam smell that lasts for more than one days to more than one weeks, based totally at the time of 12 months the foam is produced. The foam smell does now not always trigger allergic reactions; however, it could be bothersome to some humans who’ve a sensitivity to scent. If the scent bothers you, strive airing out the room and washing the sheets after some nights of sleep on the brand new bed.

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The model I’m going let you know about is the 3 inch, 4lb density Visco reminiscence foam mattress mattress topper. As you examine thru the overview i’ve finished my best to ensure I point out the pluses as well as the negatives due to the fact this one won’t in shape everybody.

  • 4 Pound Density Visco Elastic reminiscence Foam bed Pad
  • 3 Inch Thick bed Topper through reminiscence Foam answers

So right here is going…

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Temperature Sensitive Visco Elastic Memory Foam Contours, Conforms and Cushions

Visco Elastic Memory Foam MattressIt is less attackable when it’s cool and softer while it is warm, this is one of the particular homes of visco
reminiscence foam is made from polyurethane with additional chemical compounds that upload to its viscosity stage, thereby growing the temperature sensitivity of the foam making it unique and unique than conventional polyurethane foam. Depending at the chemical substances used and its ordinary composition, it’s miles less attackable in cooler temperatures and softer in hotter environments. Higher density visco elastic reminiscence foam reacts to frame warmth which permits it to mildew itself to the contours and form of a heat frame inside a few minutes. If the ambient temperature is cooler inside the 60 to 70 diploma range the visco elastic reminiscence foam can be firmer and provide more help with our merchandise. The instance frequently used to demonstrate its houses is that a hand pressed into the froth after which eliminated will depart a clear impression in the foam for some seconds.

  • Memory foam was originally developed by NASA to ease the pressure of extreme G-force during space shuttle take off.
  • It was subsequently used in medical applications, for example with patients suffering from pressure sores or bed-bound for a long period.
  • Memory foam was initially too expensive for general use, but in recent years it has become more affordable to produce and is now widely available.

PurGreen Certification Means This Product is Made in the USA

When you see the PURGreen Certification this tells you that this product was Made in the U.S.A by American Workers and that it Meets or Exceeds all EPA and CPSC standards.

Memory Foam Solutions is a Leading Pioneer in Bed Technology

We are always thinking about how we can technologically advance our memory foam products through engineering to increase your comfort level.

Sleep Better.Be Better. Quality sleep is essential to health

Medical experts agree: Quality sleep is one of the big three cornerstones along with diet and exercise of overall health and well being to ensure your long-term wellness and vigor.

Memory Foam Solutions is a Premier Manufacturer of Bedding

Memory Foam Solutions is dedicated to making the most luxuriously comfortable plush mattresses, toppers and soft pillows for you and your family.

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